Born That Way

When ex-con and hard-as-nails, Jake Green, finally gets a chance to see his daughter afte...


Having those feelings..

How I Met Your Father

Every couple has two stories: the one they tell their children... and the real one.

I Love Sarah Jane

Ah, young love. The air seems clearer. The sun seems brighter. There's a spring in the st...


A little child and his image of flying.

La Tangente

A young man washing his car offers an attractive woman a ride wherever she wants to go. T...

Make The Difference

"Koh Panyee" is a floating village in the middle of the sea that has not an inc...

Maybe One Day

It is reminiscence, a visual diary and a document of a day. This is achieved through the j...


A beautiful drama about a homeless person.

My name is Lisa

A touching story about a little girl dealing with her mothers disease.

New Boy

A young African boy with a haunting back story starts school in Ireland, and finds out qu...


When a man with Alzheimer wakes up in a strange room and searches for his wife, he finds o...

Piano Man

A black comedy/high tragedy.

Pizza Verdi

A seemingly routine pizza delivery escalates into a tense game of cat-and-mouse. Giuseppe...

Some Static Started

 A bleeding man. A girl in trouble. The dream that brings them together.

Table 7

A couple on the brink of a breakup has an intimate conversation in a restaurant, unaware ...

The Bridge

A love story on a bridge.

The Doors

 About a little girl..

The Man Who Never Cried

Ralph Winston has never cried; not when he was a baby, not when his heart was crushed by ...


The struggles of a doomed couple.


One man.

We miss you

Maybe it's time to remember an old friend...

What's Virgin Mean?

 Sometimes little questions need big answers.

White Red Panic

Two guys are mixed up in the wrong side of life.

Who's Gonna Save My Soul

Love, pain and a soul.

Your Lucky Day

A megaball drawing sends a convenience store spiraling out of control.