Bird Box

Funny animated sketches.

Cartoon Fails

18+ Violence fails in old school cartoons.

Dragon Age: Warden's Fall

Follow the last mission of a Grey Warden.

Eli's Dirty Jokes

18+ Dirty funny jokes by Joe the accountant.

Harry Potter and The Rejected Scenes

Harry Potter Parody re-imagines the scene from the first film where Harry gets sorted.

Homiez Lascars

Show the daily life of likeable young anti-heroes through short, anecdotic and funny stor...

How It Should Have Ended

Famous videogames and movies, how they really should have ended.

John Woo Presents 7 Brothers

Six hundred years ago, a mighty treasure fleet set out to sail the oceans of the world. No...

LOST Parody

Anything can happen on the mysterious LOST island.

The Annoying Orange

I'm an orange. You're an apple!!!